All 2020 Requests are due on or before March 30, 2020. Late submissions received after that date will not be considered for the 2020 Grant Cycle. Grant requests will be presented and voted upon on Tuesday, March 31 at a meeting to start at 6 p.m. in the TVUSD District Board Room.

    If you prefer a paper submission, please click here for the form.

    Project Title

    Person(s) Submitting Request

    Telephone (Work)

    Telephone (Cell)

    School Requesting Funds

    Email Address

    Subject Area Grant Applies To

    Grade(s) Receiving Benefit from Grant (multiple selections allowed)

    Total Amount of Funds Requested

    Number of Student Impacted

    Abstract: Briefly describe the nature of your project. What does the project try to accomplish? How do the goals relate to present and future educational needs?

    Project Implementation: What methods and activities will you use? How students will be involved? Please be specific.

    Community Linkages: What community or parent resources will be used? What other funding sources have you pursued so far, and what was the result of those requests?

    Anticipated Results and Evaluation: What specific results do you expect the program to have for students? How will you measure these results?

    Project Duration: How long will the project last? Do you have any plans to continue it after the grant period ends?

    Please identify all alternative sources of funding you have pursued which are unavailable, and why:

    Please identify all alternative sources of funding you have sought which have been successfully obtained or are in process, with amounts.

    By which date are funds needed?

    TVF asks all grant recipients to provide a report to the board about the implementation of their grant request in the spring following receipt of funds.

    I agree to provide an implementation report regarding this request next spring.