Thank you for your interest in and ongoing support of the Tanque Verde Schools Educational Enrichment Foundation (TVF). For over 25 years, our foundation has granted funds to secure innovative and, in many cases, essential materials to enhance our children’s educational experience. Our support – in partnership with the Tanque Verde School District – is critical to ensuring our children’s ability to develop 21st Century skills and future success in a competitive global economy.

Not only is the work we do meaningful, it’s also FUN! Our fundraising events are a vital part of community life, bringing together friends, family, and neighbors throughout the Tanque Verde Valley for a common cause. If you are looking to make a difference in our schools and neighborhood, please consider getting involved with TVF as a financial supporter, volunteer, or board member. Your direct involvement is the key to our success!

Thank you again for your support!
Elizabeth Spilotro
2013-14 TVF President